Twilight…fragment …book 3

Jacob looked up at me with a curious expression. “But isn’t it like that for you all the time? Having him in
your head?”
“Oh, no. Edward’s never in my head. He only wishes.”
Jacob’s expression became confused.
“He can’t hear me,” I explained, my voice a tiny bit smug from old habit. “I’m the only one like that, for
him. We don’t know why he can’t.”
“Weird,” Jacob said.
“Yeah.” The smugness faded. “It probably means there’s something wrong with my brain,” I admitted.
“I already knew there was something wrong with your brain,” Jacob muttered.

evident draga Bella, au mai zis si alti, evident ..” there is nothing to read in your mind, blank” makes total sens

e prea funny sa ma opresc din ascultat audio-book asta aruncati cu pietre in mine, nici cei care sunt fani nici ceilalti…e o comedie placuta pentru mine…

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