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Dimineata primu lucru ce il fac e sa iau telefonul si sa vad de emails si sa citesc stirile de pe yahoo news. Am ceva cu yahoo news, doar astea imi plac dimineata. In una din zile am citit urmatoarea stire :

Kim Kardashian da in judecata compania Old Navy(companie care produce haine) pentru ca (cica) foloseste o  actrita(model) in campania lor publicitara care seamana pe ea.

Da, cititi bine! Numa in America poti da in judecata o companie ca foloseste un actor care seamana pe tine.

Apai asa poti da in judecata si pe Dumnezeu ca a facut oamenii sa nu fie chiar asa unici.

A, legat de tanti Kardashian cica a devinit asa vedeta(???) pentru ca e prietena cu Paris Hilton si pentru un sex tape, nu pentru ca ar avea vre-un talent anume.

Nu contest ca e frumoasa, dar still, com on? Dai compania aia in judecata ca actrita seamana pe tine?

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JenniferE 2 days ago Report Abuse

i really liked Kim but seriously? She’s suing because the girl LOOKS like her?? I could see if she was going around claiming to actually be Kim or advertise things about Kim, but seriously, this is outrageous. I guess Zooey Deschanel can sue Katy Perry because fans confuse the 2 all the time, though Katy never claims to be Zooey and other celebs who look like others can just start suing each other for looking like each other. This is a new low.

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