Mortal Instruments movie cica

You know that moment..that really sad moment cand citesti o carte si e o scena in carte si stii ca urmeaza si film si abia astepti sa vezi scena aia in film…si ciuciu? adica e scena, dar liseste that amazing greater demon prezentat in carte in schimb in film primesti an old lady posedata de demon? ok si in carte e posedata, dar…apare si prea l-am vazut in scena aia …

Abbadon is a Greater Demon from Hell. He is faster than Shadowhunters, and his name is listed among those angels who fell with Lucifer. Abbadon is an Angel of Death and possibly subordinate to Samael.

Clary Fray, Jace Lightwood, Alec and Isabelle Lightwood visit Madame Dorothea‘s flat to reclaim the Mortal Cup, that Clary’s mother had unknowingly to Madam Dorothea, had hidden in her Tarot cards. However Madame Dorothea has become possessed by the demon because there were not enough defensive enchantments on her Portal, opens the Portal in her flat, unleashing Abbadon who is trying to escape Hell. He injures Alec badly.

Simon Lewis uses a bow and arrow to shoot the ceiling, allowing sunlight to burn Abbadon which forces him to flee.”

…Simon are o lopata…putin dezamagita sunt…ok putin mai mult, daca nu citeam cartea inainte probabil ca mi se parea tare fain filmul, asa ma tot suparam ca imi lipseau anumite scene, so de acuma o sa ma uit la film si citesc dupa cartea ca sa nu fie asa mare nivelul de dezamagire.


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